The Many Faces of Mental Illness: Get Well Soon, Kahlil Greene

Back when I lived in San Diego I was a big Padres fan. I’ve since moved away and the team I loved has been dismantled, as often happens in sports. But I was surprised when I recently searched for Kahlil Greene, of my favorite players, and discovered he’s essentially been forced to retire due to social anxiety disorder (SAD). In the 2009 season, SAD put him on the disabled list twice and he missed 46 games. Kahlil signed with the Texas Rangers for 2010, but his contract was voided because he wasn’t well enough to attend spring training. I don’t know what his current status is or whether he’s being treated.

I don’t much about SAD, just that it’s a type of anxiety. However, I found the Hacksaw article the most interesting because it shows how descriptions of his personality changed over the years. Back in his Padres days, he was quiet and shy, but in rehab he was “reclusive and a danger to himself.” Were the signs of his disorder always there, but waved away because he was such a talented shortstop? Or had things escalated, perhaps because of the demands of a career as a professional athlete? Whatever it was, I hope he gets the help he needs and goes back to being an amazing human vacuum in the infield.


One thought on “The Many Faces of Mental Illness: Get Well Soon, Kahlil Greene

  1. i also was a season ticket holder at the Petco park when Khalil was a short stop .. i’ve been trying to keep up with his career, and can’t believe that he’s not playing .. Khalil, I hope you can overcome your demons, surround yourself with positive, helpful people and pick yourself up and make an amazing comeback. you have it in you to be amazing . . enjoy what you love, enjoy what you’re good at and let go! come back to baseball!

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